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Apex C-10000 Commercial RO System for Drinking Water & Hydroponic Applications (10,000 GPD)


Irrigation Filter Systems for Running the Industrial Tasks Smoothly

Agricultural Irrigation filters use RO technology for high purity of water. The industrial reverse osmosis plant includes multimedia pre-filters and a water softener or antiscalant dosing system that helps remove dirt and contaminated water. At Apex Water Filters, we aim for high-quality building products that provide clean and germ-free water to your farms and use ultraviolet sterilizers during post-treatment. Some of our best-selling products include drip irrigation filter system & irrigation water treatment systems. You can always choose the best filter systems suiting your needs and make it a worthwhile experience.

How does an RO Water Filter Functions?

RO technology works on a simple principle, which is the purification of wastewater through a semi-permeable membrane. Then, an antiscalant chemical injects the water to control hardness fouling that may cause damage to the membranes of the RO machine.

Our team of expert engineers ensures the water filter for drip irrigation system is installed correctly and does the required job of efficiently irrigating the fields.

Why Invest in Apex Water Filters?

We encourage custom designs of irrigation water filters as per customers’ needs and ensure every customer’s requirement is met without any hassle. Also, our team of marketers and technologists attend to your concerns each time you need help in operating our RO machines. Feel free to contact us via email or phone, and we would be right at your site to help you install the water filters systems for your industrial facilities.

Irrigate your farms by installing drip irrigation systems to prevent water loss during agriculture and gain better long-term development stability. Our RO water filtration systems provide the necessary ingredients to the soil and allow crops and other products to grow organically with the help of purified water coming from RO machines. Install one right away at your farms and ease out your daily tasks of carrying out tedious agricultural processes.

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