APEX EXPRT 4 Stage Ultra Filtration System

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The advanced 4 Stage Ultra Filtration system effectively Removes & Reduces Chlorine, Chloramine, Sediment, Industrial Chemicals, Radon, Bacteria and many more harmful contaminants, commonly found in tap water, while retaining healthy minerals

  • Does not produce wastewater and does not require a storage tank
  • The MR-2034 provides highly effective water filtration for anywhere clean water is needed, at the kitchen, for ice makers, for coffee makers, and more
  • Fully assembled and easy installation. Comes with a push to connect fittings with color-coded tubing. Easy twist on/off cartridges make filter changes hassle-free.
  • Made from High-Performance components that comply with NSF/ANSI Standards
  • Each System Individually wet tested and Sanitized
  • Experience engineers and Lifetime Technical Support

NOTE: This system does not affect TDS as Reverse Osmosis does

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