APEX MR-3030 Big Blue Water Filtration System with GAC & KDF 85 for Heavy Metal Reduction

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  • Heavy-duty whole house filtration system delivers purified water to every faucet in your home or office
  • Removes chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, pesticides and organic chemicals
  • Three-stage filtration system with large 20-inch filter cartridges
  • 5-micron Polypropylene pre-filter removes sediment, rust and other debris while extending the life of the filter cartridges
  • Twin 1-micron particulate filters plus a blend of granular activated carbon and KDF catalytic media for advanced water purification
  • High-efficiency carbon block polishing filter removes carcinogenic chlorine byproducts, objectionable tastes and odor-causing contaminants
  • Has two mounted pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet of the system.
  • Provides refreshing purified water at all faucets, ice makers, refrigerators and coffee makers
  • Built in the US