APEX Whole House Calcium Carbonate Filter System

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  • Whole house filtration system protects pipes and faucets by neutralizing corrosive water supplies
  • Protects ice machines, coffee makers, water fountains and refrigerators
  • Prevents damage to water heaters by neutralizing aggressive water conditions
  • Safeguards your family from heavy metal contamination due to corrosion of copper pipes
  • Uses natural calcium carbonate media
  • Can be used with other APEX water filtration systems
  • Battery back-up saves settings during power outage
  • Quick connect clips allow easy installation and maintenance
  • Attractive and durable stainless steel finish suitable for home and commercial installations
  • Reliable optical electronics eliminates micro-switch positioning problems
  • Electronic timer provides quick setup and programming
  • Large capacity tank (9″ x 48″) & (12″ x 52″)media tank


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