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Why should I filter my home water?

There are a lot of pollutants in tap water that people often don’t think about. The most common substances in tap water are the lead and copper remnants from the pipes. When water sits in the pipes for extended periods of time and then gets flushed out by the faucet being turned on, those remnants get flushed out with the water. If you use hot water then it is even worse because lead builds up faster in hot water. Now some people might tell you to let the water run for 30 seconds before consuming it, but this still doesn’t guarantee anything. You still have to worry about chlorine, pesticides, disease-carrying germs and many other chemicals that can make you sick. Even if you leave the water on for 30 minutes, it won’t get rid of these problems. Then if you end up consuming these remnants, it will increase your chances of sickness and having a weakened immune system. This could eventually bring on worse problems for you like cancer, skin problems, and possibly even birth defects.

The only solution for drinking tap water is to filter it first. This might sound like an inconvenient step, but it is really not that bad at all. Tap water filtering have become very affordable and convenient. Our reverse osmosis drinking water systems, countertop water filters, shower filters, aquarium filters, whole house water filter systems and commercial water systems are very easy to install and operate.

What are the benefits of drinking Apex water?

Left unfiltered, contaminants in household drinking water, over time, can kill the good bacteria necessary for healthy living and cause high blood pressure, kidney damage and colon cancer. In children, prolonged exposure to certain unfiltered chemicals, like chlorine, in household drinking water can cause delays in both physical and emotional development. Chlorine in the general household water supply can also cause respiratory ailments as well as skin and eye irritations. Pets and home gardens may also be adversely affected by unfiltered contaminants in the household water supply. Use Apex filters, to get the purest, cleanest water filled with only the minerals necessary for healthy hydration. Apex Water Filters will give you ultra pure, safe and filtered water with a fresh, crisp taste superior to bottled water.

Why should I use a Counter Top filter system?

Protecting your family from the contaminants found in much of the nation’s water supply doesn’t have to mean a huge investment. Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filters are a cost effective solution that greatly reduces chlorine, radon, sediment and many other contaminants without costing more than those inconvenient water filter pitchers! Easy to place right on your counter and fill with water, the filter is made in the USA, using only the best NSF and FDA approved parts. Wet testing is performed to ensure that the filter works as promised, and it’s fully sanitized before boxing to ensure your safety. All of the hardware needed for installation is included for your convenience, and getting the system set up is a simple task.

Will I need a Reverse Osmosis system?

If you have a large family, you need more than a basic counter top system to ensure that everyone gets all of the fresh, clean drinking water that they need to remain hydrated and in good health. Apex Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems are designed to provide families like yours with clean, safe drinking water on a daily basis. The system uses a powerful five-stage filtration process to remove fine particulates, heavy metals, chlorine, dissolved solids and even soluble gases from drinking water. Designed to be easy for DIY installation, the system provides a simple, yet highly effective method of fully protecting your family from impurities. The system arrives completely assembled direct from the manufacturer.

What's a Whole House Water Filter?

The Apex Whole House Water Filter Systems provides a simple, yet highly effective solution to supply your entire home with fresh, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. Water passes through three stages of filtration to remove sediment, chlorine, iron, heavy metal contaminants and sources of unpleasant odors and discoloration. With its wide cartridge design, this filter system can meet the needs of apartment buildings and large homes with ease. Not just for residential use, this system is also an excellent choice for larger office buildings, medical offices and food service businesses. Cartridges are engineered to allow for the quickest possible changes to keep maintenance demands to a minimum.

Why would I need an Under the Counter Water Filter?

Concerned about what’s inside of your family’s drinking water but don’t want to ruin the ambiance of your kitchen with a heavy-duty water filter stuck to the wall or sitting on the counter? Apex Under the Counter Drinking Water Filter is the ideal solution and can easily be hidden away underneath your counters to provide you with fresh, clean drinking water right out of the tap. Each filter is put through wet testing and is fully sanitized before it’s shipped to you, ensuring that it will perform reliably and protect your family from toxins and other water-borne impurities. Made from NSF certified components, this three-stage water filter system comes with all of the hardware needed for successful installation to save you time and money.

Where can I buy replacements for my Apex system?

Replacing filter cartridges in your system is of the utmost importance to keeping it working properly. Genuine Apex replacement cartridges will keep you filter system in flawless condition and will also safeguard the manufacturer warranty. Individual filter cartridges and filter packs designed specifically for your system are available from our website.

I received a coupon code from Apex. How can I use it?

If you have a promotional discount code, please enter it in the field provided on the Shopping Cart page (My Cart link at top), and click the Apply button. You will see your discount applied in the Order Summary box. Alternately, you may enter this code on the Payment Method page.

I need to return my item. How can I do that?

Customer may return new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Items should be returned in their original product packaging. The buyer will need to pay for the return shipments; return shipping costs will be refunded if the return is a result of merchant error. All refunds go to the original purchaser. A full refund will be due provided the return is received within the return window.

Replacements and exchanges are not supported; customers can return their original order for a refund and create a new order for the replacement. Items classified as hazardous materials are not returnable. Please contact Apex for issues concerning these items.