APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Water Filter

APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Water Filter


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  • Effectively Removes & reduces Chlorine, chloramine, Sediment, Industrial Chemicals, Radon lead, iron, hydrogen sulfide and mercury and many more harmful contaminants, commonly found in tap water.
  • Removes taste, odor & Heavy Metal and controls Microorganisms in your water.
  • Hydrates your body faster while adding minerals that our body does not produce such as calcium, magnesium, potassium. Also balances pH level of your water and lowers acidity .It also increases alkalinity, which many nutritionists recommend. NOTE: ALKALINE WATER WILL RAISES TDS LEVELS DUE TO THE MINERALS ADDED IN WATER.
  • Do-it-yourself installation & All the necessary hardware is included.
  • Made from high performance components and media that complies with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 & 42. Individually wet tested and Sanitized.
  • RF-2050 replacement pack lasts approximately 4 to 6 months for a family of four.

APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Water Filter

Since about 60% of the human body is made up of water, it’s vitally important that the water you drink is pure and healthy for you. Do you wonder if your drinking water is actually safe or if it’s making you sick? Most of us think our water is clean when it comes out of the faucet. There might actually be a lot of impurities, like a virus, that you can’t see, smell, or even taste.

APEX’s Countertop Alkaline Water Filter System is the solution you need to ensure that the water you drink is free of the many contaminants that seep into groundwater supplies. Water from kitchen faucets may be fine for washing dishes – but drinking it is entirely different. If you are looking for a kitchen water filter system, consider APEX water filters.

This APEX water purifiers filtering system comes as a complete water purification kit that is simple to install and use. It attaches easily to most standard kitchen faucets with easy do-it-yourself installation. Simply remove the aerator screen (bubbler screen) from the faucet and screw on the collar of the APEX diverter valve.

APEX Countertop Alkaline Drinking Water Filter System for home faucets removes impurities and chemicals. Tiny particles and contaminants are removed through carbon block filters that remove mercury, pesticides, chlorine, radon, and more from your family’s drinking water. This super advanced water purification process removes contaminants that you can’t see or smell in your tap water. APEX water purifier systems also remove sediment and rust.

Premium Carbon Block Filtration

Greatly reduces chlorine, radon, sediment and many other contaminants found in your tap water.

Premium 5 Stage Alkaline Filtration

Effectively removes hundreds of impurities and naturally balances pH level of water.

Built in U.S.A.

Not only can you feel good knowing that APEX Water Filters gives Americans good-paying jobs, but you can also be certain that we carefully monitor each step in the manufacturing process because we produce our filtration systems locally.


  • Neutralizes body acidity by balancing the pH levels in your blood
  • Provides the body with a daily cleanse
  • Reduces body fatigue, protects bones and supports the immune system
  • Mineralizes the water with Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium
  • Promotes better hydration than bottled water

APEX Water Filters

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 in

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  • REDUCES HARMFUL CONTAMINANTS IN TAP WATER: Removes 99% of substances commonly found in sink tap water like chlorine which contribute to bad odors in your water, chloramine, benzene, radon, and heavy metals. It also helps prevent the buildup microorganisms. This filter will also add Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium raising the alkalinity of your water. NOTE: ALKALINE WATER WILL RAISES TDS LEVELS DUE TO THE MINERALS ADDED IN WATER.
  • CONNECTS TO DOMESTIC FAUCET MODELS: APEX countertop filters have been designed to conveniently sit right on the kitchen counter top next to sinks. It is simple to install, and connects easily to most standard household kitchen faucets. All the necessary hardware is included for easy do-it-yourself installation. NOTE: PLEASE MAKE SURE ONE OF THE ADAPTERS WILL FIT YOUR FAUCET OR ELSE THE UNIT WILL BE NON-FUNCTIONAL.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE WATER FILTER: By using an APEX counter top alkaline water filter, you can stop wasting money on small disposable bottles of water that just get thrown away when empty. Buying bottled water for daily home consumption gets expensive and tedious. You don’t have to lug heavy water jugs or cases to your house to enjoy fresh clean drinking water. APEX water filters are the solution.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: Owning a good bottleless water dispenser device can not only save you money, but it is the responsible choice for helping to eliminate the millions of plastic water bottles piling up in landfills each year. We only have one world, but it is quickly being polluted by unnecessary water bottles that can be reduced by having your own cleaner filtered smart water source at home.
  • HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY: Includes 30-day 100 % satisfaction money-back guarantee and limited one-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

1 review for APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Water Filter

  1. lobotomist

    I live in a Depression era, urban apartment building with old pipes, and this Apex filter turns my musty, metallic water into something wonderful; crisp, clean, perfectly neutral tasting water suitable for everything from cooking to coffee and tea making. I combined this filter with a five gallon glass carboy, and one of those newfangled USB rechargeable water bottle pumps, and I couldn’t be happier with the filtering process. I let my tap run for ten or fifteen minutes to clear the lines of stagnant water, attach the filter, fill up the carboy in seven or eight minutes, and then I have a week’s worth of good water for one person; safely stored in glass, ready for immediate use whenever needed. Replacement filters are reasonably priced, and in my experience, filter cartridges should last many months, if not an entire year. Sturdy, solid, and well built. I am genuinely very happy with my purchase, and anyone searching for an honest product to improve their home drinking water should not hesitate to buy the Apex MR-2050; the sooner, the better, I say.

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