AXEON HR3-4040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

AXEON HR3-4040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane


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AXEON Low Pressure HF1 Series Membrane Elements are manufactured using the industrys leading patented membrane film technology and offer reliability, high performance and deliver consistent results. They offer increased production, high rejection rates and low energy consumption by operating at low applied pressures.

  • Low Pressure
  • High Flow Capacities
  • Improved System Performance
  • Superior Quality and Cost Savings
  • Individually Tested
  • Made in the U.S.A.

AXEON HR3-4040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

AXEON HF3 – Series Membrane Elements are manufactured using the industrys leading membrane film technology. These membranes offer reliability, high performance and deliver consistent results. Water treatment professionals have come to rely on the superior performance and dependability of AXEON HR3 Series Membrane Elements.Benefits

  • All Industry Standard Size
  • High Rejection Rates
  • Improved RO System Performance
  • Superior Quality and Cost Savings
  • Individually Inspected, Qualified and Vacuum Tested
  • Private Labeling and Customization Available

AXEON HR3 Series Membrane Elements are one of the industrys most reliable and highest performing reverse osmosis membrane elements.

AXEON HR3 Series Membrane Elements are available in all standard commercial sizes and feature a protective ABS shell. Advanced membrane technology and manufacturing processes ensure high quality and performance. All elements are shipped dry for an indefinite shelf life, easier handling, and a lighter shipping weight. AXEON HR3 Series Membrane Elements are 100% vacuum integrity tested and may also be ordered as individually wet tested

Operating Limits

Membrane Type Polyamide Thin-Film Composite pH Range, Short Term Cleaning (30 Min.) 1 – 13
Maximum Operating Temperature 113oF (45oC) Maximum Feed Silt Density Index 5 SDI
Maximum Operating Pressure 600 psi (41 bar) Chlorine / Chloramine Tolerance 0 ppm
pH Range, Continuous Operation 2 – 11 Maximum Feed Flow Rate (gpm) 2.5″ = 6
4.0″ = 14

Dimensions inch (mm):

Description A B C D
HR3 2514 14 (355.6) 1.1 (27.94) 0.75 (19.05) 2.40 (60.96)
HR3 2521 21 (533.4) 1.1 (27.94) 0.75 (19.05) 2.40 (60.96)
HR3 2540 40 (1016.0) 1.1 (27.94) 0.75 (19.05) 2.40 (60.96)
HR3 4014 14 (355.6) 1.1 (27.94) 0.75 (19.05) 3.95 /100.3)
HR3 4021 21 (533.4) 1.1 (27.94) 0.75 (19.05) 3.95 /100.3)
HR3 4040 40 (1016.0) 1.1 (27.94) 0.75 (19.05) 3.95 /100.3)

All 2514, 2521 and 2540 elements fit nominal 2.50 I.D. membrane housings and all 4014, 4021 and 4040 elements fit nominal 4.00 I.D. membrane housings.

  • Proper start up of reverse osmosis water treatment systems is essential to prepare the membranes for operating service and to prevent membrane damage due to overfeeding or hydraulic shock. Before initiating system start up procedures, membrane pretreatment, loading of the membrane elements, instrument calibration and other system checks should be completed.Avoid any abrupt pressure or cross flow variations on the spiral elements during start up, shutdown, cleaning or other sequences to prevent possible membrane damage. During start up, a gradual change from a standstill to operating state is recommended as follows:
  • Feed pressure should be increased gradually over a 30 60 second time frame.
  • Permeate obtained from first hour of operation should be discarded.
  • Avoid static permeate side backpressure at all times.
  • Cross flow velocity at set operating point should be achieved gradually over 15 20 seconds.
  • Maximum pressure drop across an entire pressure vessel (housing) is 30 psi / 2.1 bar.
  • Under certain conditions, the presence of free chlorine, chloramines and other oxidizing agents will cause premature membrane failure. Since oxidation damage is not covered under warranty, the manufacturer recommends removing all oxidizing agents by pretreatment prior to membrane exposure. Please contact the manufacturer or your supplier for more information. Do not use this initial permeate for drinking water or food preparation. Keep elements moist at all times after initial wetting. To prevent biological growth during prolonged system shutdowns, it is recommended that membrane elements be immersed in a preservative solution. Rinse out the preservative before use. For membrane warranty details, please contact the manufacturer or your supplier for more information. If operating limits and guidelines given in this product specification sheet are not strictly followed, the warranty will be null and void. The customer is fully responsible for the effects of incompatible chemicals and lubricants on elements. Use of any such chemicals or lubricants will void the warranty. These membranes may be subject to drinking water application restrictions in some countries: please check the application status before use and sale. The use of this product in and of itself does not necessarily guarantee the removal of cysts and pathogens from water. Effective cyst and pathogen reduction is dependent on the complete system design and on the operation and maintenance of the system. No freedom from infringement of any patent owned by the manufacturer or others is to be inferred. Because use conditions and applicable laws may differ from one location to another and may change with time, customer is responsible for determining whether products and the information in this document are appropriate for customers use and for ensuring that customers workplace and disposal practices are in compliance with applicable laws and other governmental enactments. The claims made may not have been approved for use in all countries. The manufacturer assumes no obligation or liability for the information in this document. NO WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN; ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED.

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At APEX Water Filters, we believe that the best water filters start with the best materials. That’s why we only use carbon that is certified by the National Safety Foundation and components that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Before a water filtration system leaves our facility, we test it to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. This extra step ensures that you receive a filtration system in the best possible condition.

Part Number Description Applied Pressure psi (bar) Permeate Flow Rate gpd (m3/d) Nominal Salt Rejection (%)
200386 HR3 2514 25 / 15.51 150 / 0.57 99.5
200369 HR3 2521 25 / 15.51 250 / 0.95 99.5
200370 HR3 2540 25 / 15.51 650 / 2.46 99.5
200371 HR3 4014 25 / 15.51 400 / 1.51 99.5
200372 HR3 4021 25 / 15.51 400 / 1.51 99.5
200373 HR3 4040 25 / 15.51 400 / 1.51 99.5

Warranty Evaluation Test Conditions: Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions 550 ppm, filtered and dechlorinated municipal tap water, 77F / 25C, 15%recovery and the specified operating pressure. Minimum salt rejection is 97%. Permeate flows for warranty evaluation may vary +/-20%. Maximum pressure drop at 13 psig / 0.9 bar.


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