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APEX MR-7011 Chlorine & Heavy Metal Reduction Shower Filter


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  • Removes Chlorine, Foul Taste & Odors and other harmful chemicals. 
  • Reduces heavy metals such as lead, iron, chromium 6 & mercury
  • Easy DIY install. Fits all modern shower arms and shower head designs. No plumbing required.
  • Avoid dry skin, flaky scalp, dandruff, and fading colored hair, and enjoy Healthier, Softer Skin and Hair.
  • Strong Chlorine removal. 17 ounces of KDF-55 filters out 99% Chlorine odors and dirt particles.
  • Each cartridge lasts between 4 to 6 months. 



APEX MR-7011 Shower Filter

Taking a shower should be a healthy, rejuvenating experience. But its hard to enjoy a shower when your eyes, nose and throat are being irritated by chlorinated
tap water. Water treatment facilities add chlorine and chloramine to prevent harmful microbes from growing in the water. Unfortunately, chlorine is a powerful
oxidizing irritant.

As water sprays from the shower head, your body is
drenched with chlorine. Chlorine makes hair feel rough when wet and
straw-like when dry. Chlorine gas, evaporating from the shower water,
irritates the eyes, nose and throat in adults, children and pets. Toxic heavy
metals wash over your entire body and mucous membranes. Copper can
cause hair to have a greenish tint that causes hair coloring products to look
too dark. Iron gives hair orange-tinted highlights and interferes with coloring
products. The APEX MR-7011 Shower Filter uses the most advanced KDF
media filtration technology to instantly remove chlorine and heavy metals
from your shower water. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your
skin and hair. Showering will be fresh and invigorating, leaving your skin
smooth and fresh. The APEX Shower Filter is easy to install. Simply unscrew
your shower head and attach the APEX Shower Filter. Next, attach the
shower head to the APEX Shower Filter. That’s all there is to have safe,
purified water in your shower
APEX MR-7011 Shower Filter System
  • Removes harsh chlorine for smooth, silky hair
  • Removes harmful heavy metals like mercury and lead
  • Leaves skin soft and hair silky
  • No more eye and nose irritation from the chlorinated water!
  • Improves hair coloring and conditioning products
  • Easy to install shower filtration system

APEX Shower Filter

Main Shower Installation

Easy to install

  • 1Remove your existing shower head.
  • 2Wrap Teflon tape approximately six times on thread.
  • 3Screw the shower head onto the threads by rotating until firmly place.
  • 4Wrap Teflon tape around the thread of the water pipe.
  • 5Connect the swivel collar to the water pipe by rotating the swivel
    collar several turns.
  • Once hand tightened, use pliers to tighten the swivel collar until the shower filter is firmly in place.
Hand Shower
Hand Shower

Hand Shower Installation

KDF Filter
KDF Point of Use
Design Guide

Control Head Installation

Shower Filter
KDF 55 Medium
Bed Depth
P Pressure Drop {PSI} Max. Flow Rate-GPM
(95% Reduction)
Effective Life
0.3-gpm 0.6-gpm 0.7-gpm 0.9-gpm 1.0-gpm
1 3.50 1 3 5 10 15 3 15,000

Shower Filters Dechlorination

1/2-inch Tubing and Fittings, Standard 1-pound of medium

Pressure Drop
as a Function of Flow Rate

Percent Free Chlorine Reduction as a Function of Flow Rate

Temperature Effect on Free Chlorine Reduction

For every 25F raise in temperature there is a 4% raise in the rate of free chlorine reduction

Data Extracted from KDF POU Design Guide


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × 4 in

3 reviews for APEX MR-7011 Chlorine & Heavy Metal Reduction Shower Filter

  1. Kenneth

    Amazing thing to enjoy a great shower. I literally felt that the water coming into my shower made my hair rough. After installing this filter all that is almost gone

  2. Leobardo

    I applied this filter to my shower outlet myself. Really easy to install and does not slow down the water flow

  3. Carolyn

    I luv this shower filter. The design looks like some advanced tech is applied to my bathing needs. LOL

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