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Shower Filter

It is very beneficial to have a good shower before starting the day as well as after a hectic day at work. One of the most relaxing times is when you get a good soothing shower. But it is equally important to keep the water clean as much as it is to keep it perfectly tuned for the shower. To make sure that the water you use is clean and hygienic, it is best to install shower filter in your shower.

It is a really small system usually installed just before the hose of the shower. There is no need of electricity for the system to work. The purification system works with the flow pressure of water itself.

Why do you need a Shower Filter?

The quality of water coming to our households is gradually deteriorating. But, our daily requirements are never seizing to grow every day. So, in order to meet our daily requirements without getting the harmful elements of the supplied water onto our skin and hair, shower filters are required. The heavy metals can cause various skin as well as hair problems including rashes, dandruff, hair thinning, and hair fall, etc.

How to Select the Right Shower Filter?

Before deciding to further clean your shower water, it is beneficial to test the water supply that comes to your main line from the municipal supply line. There are many factors that one can go through but for bathing purpose, the filter requirement is low including:

  • The water purity index to understand the impurity level
  • Presence of heavy metals like rust
  • Chemicals usually present in municipal water including Fluoride and chlorine
  • Odor and toxic fumes

After identifying the contaminants, you can select the power level of the filters accordingly to fit best both in budget and requirement.

Benefits of Water filter system for shower

  • Activated Alumina removes chlorine from water making it safe to bath on a daily basis
  • The KDF filter system prevents sediments and micro contaminants to pass through
  • No electric source required for functioning
  • Easy to install with attached front shower hose
  • Instant elimination of heavy metals from water
  • Controlling hard water with Fluoride and Chlorine removal
  • Preventing flaky skin, dry scalp, dandruff, skin infections, rashes
  • The KDF-55 filter removes strong chlorine and rotten egg odor

Buy shower Filter from Apex

Apex provides one of the cheapest shower filter system. So if you are looking to buy filter for shower purposes, Apex does it all for you. Each cartridge lasts from 12 to 18 months with optimal performance. The inbuilt hose makes installation easy and also gives a stylish look to the shower. With no power source requirement, the shower filters do not possess the risk of leaking electricity.

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