APEX RF-5050 Replacement Filter Set for Reverse Osmosis Systems(5 Pack)

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  • All-in-one Replacement Filter 5-Pack takes the guesswork out of selecting the right replacement reverse osmosis filter cartridges
  • Money-saving kit is more economical than purchasing individual replacement cartridges
  • Includes everything needed to easily service your reverse osmosis filter system
  • Includes one 5-micron sediment prefilter replacement cartridge that removes sediment, sand, iron particles and insect parts while protecting the RO filter system from clogging
  • Two 10 solid block activated carbon cartridges that remove chlorine, chloramine, bad tastes, odors, industrial chemicals, VOCs and other groundwater contaminants
  • Comes with a genuine APEX 50 gallon-per-day thin film composite (TFC) RO membrane for removal of salts, nitrate, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals like lead and arsenic
  • One granular activated carbon (GAC) polishing filter that makes tap water fresh and sparkling clear
  • All cartridges are genuine US-made APEX components guaranteed to fit properly and provide trouble-free service

RF-5050 Replacement Filter 5 Pack for Reverse Osmosis Systems


Maintaining your RO filtration system is essential for ensuring your drinking water is safe, clean and fresh-tasting. The RF-5050 Replacement Filter Pack contains everything you need to easily and economically maintain your reverse osmosis filter system. No matter if your RO filter system is at home, the office or in a commercial application, the cartridges require periodic replacement to keep the filtration system working properly. If the filter cartridges are not replaced on time, water quality declines, contaminants enter your drinking water and your health is put at risk. The RF-5050 kit contains one 5-Micron Sediment Prefilter () to remove sediment, rust and other microscopic debris while also protecting the activated carbon cartridges and RO membrane. When the polypropylene prefilter begins to fill up with trapped sediment, water flow will decrease. This reduces the amount of water your RO filtration system can produce each day. Replacing the 5-Micron Sediment Pre Filter every 6 months is recommended to keep your RO system working at peak performance.

The RF-5050 replacement Filter 5-Pack also provides two solid block activated carbon filter cartridges. Over time the adsorptive capacity of the activated carbon cartridges decline. The microscopic pores of the activated carbon block become saturated with contaminants. When this happens, the activated carbon can no longer efficiently remove chemicals from your drinking water. Tastes, odors and chemical contaminants will begin to pass through the filter system. The APEX solid block carbon cartridges contain super-adsorptive coconut shell activated carbon for exceptional removal of organic contaminates like MTBE from gasoline spills, solvents, pesticides, chlorine, chloramine and naturally-occurring musty tastes and odors. APEX high-grade activated carbon cartridges remove more contaminants than other carbon cartridges. Unlike low-grade replacement carbon cartridges, APEX carbon cartridges wont release black carbon fines which can clog the RO membrane. We recommend replacing the cartridges no less than once a year to guarantee safe, pure drinking water.

The RF-5050 Replacement Filter 5-Pack contains an exact-fit 50 gallon-per-day reverse osmosis membrane. RO membranes remove total dissolved solids (TDS), sodium, water hardness minerals and heavy metals like aluminum and lead. Reverse osmosis membranes operate under high pressure, squeezing the contaminants out of your tap water. Mineral deposits and traces of chlorine eventually degrade the RO membrane. This reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of the filtration system. Periodic replacement of the APEX TFC membrane ensures clean, safe water day after day. This is especially important to prolong the life of coffee makers, commercial food steam trays, dental equipment, laboratory autoclaves and other equipment that is damaged by mineral scale build-up. We recommend replacing the reverse osmosis membrane every two years to maintain consistently fresh, purified water at all times.

The RF-5050 Replacement Filter 5-Pack also includes one granular activated carbon polishing filter. This powerful filter catches any trace of taste and odor-causing chemicals and gasses so every gallon of water looks and tastes great. The easy to use slip-fittings make it simple to replace this important filter component. Replace the polishing filter every one to two years.

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