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UVA-50B Ultraviolet Disinfection System(50 GPM)

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  • Compact units with 304 stainless steel reactor chamber, polished for laboratory and medical use, require minimum space.
  • Microorganisms are inactivated within seconds; eliminates the need for long retention times or retention tanks.
  • High output low pressure mercury vapor lamps with high isolation pin.
  • Little change in water temperature even after prolonged periods of no water flow.
  • Open end high quality quartz sleeve and stainless steel gland units.
  • Automatic, unattended and user friendly operation.
  • Fast and simple installation with three connections (two water and one electrical).
  • UV imparts no change in taste, odor, pH or conductivity

Polaris Scientific Ultraviolet systems provide a sleek, compact design and economical ultraviolet water treatment for low flow and medium flow applications such as: light commercial reverse osmosis systems, water vending machines, food industry, laboratory, medical facility water, pharmaceutical, cosmetic processes, final electronic component rinsing and recirculation loops to name a few. Polaris Scientific Ultraviolet systems produce little change in water temperature even after prolonged periods of no water flow, making them ideal for many application requirements.

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