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APEX EXPRT 4 Stage Ultra Filtration System


3 Stage Under the Sink System Chlorine, Sediment & Odor Remover


3 Stage Under the Sink System With Ph+ Remineralization Filter


3 Stage Under the Sink System 10 Stage Filter Lead & Heavy Metal Remover


3 Stage Under the Sink System Chlorine Odor & Fluoride Remover


Under The Sink Filter System or Water Filtration Systems

Under sink water filter is the new generation of water filtration systems which provides much more benefits to the users than just a conventional water filter system. In the current state of pollution levels and toxins present in water, buying an under the sink filter system is a great option. It will benefit you not only in terms of health but also enhance your user experience. Bottled water industry taking advantage of the water pollution concern and high rates of pure drinking water is a disadvantage every metro city user in America is currently dealing with. ApexTM Water Filters provides the best under sink water filter for every type of household whether small or big.

How Does Under The Sink Filter System Work?

Under sink water filters are one of the most popular choices of American residents because of the way it works. It stays hidden under the sink and provides pure drinking water from the sink outlet. An under sink water filter works in simple way which is as effective as any reverse osmosis water filter:


An under sink water filter is installed under any sink or counter above which an outlet or faucet is provided. A diverter valve diverts the cold water from main supply line to the filter where filtration process takes pace


Purification is usually categorized into two segments both of which are beneficial in their own way. One category is the conventional one in which water comes in from the cold valve and the filtered water goes out from faucet line (Point Of Use). The second category is of the simple filters in which water comes in and goes out from the same line. This water filter works continuously and usually people end up filtering more water than required.


Maintenance of an under sink water filter is usually thought of to be tough as the filters stay hidden under the sink. But, under sink water filters now come with automated switch on-offs so that they do not waste any water during filtration. They also have filtration replacement alarms and other damage notifications to help you identify the issues and act early.


Under sink water filters purify water just like any reverse osmosis water filter. They remove harmful elements and toxin including fluoride, rust, ammonia, arsenic, calcium, magnesium and organic & inorganic sediments. These water filters provide clean drinking water in less time than Reverse Osmosis filters and do not waste any water during the filtration process. 100% of water that goes in for filtration comes out from the faucet.

Benefits of Under Sink Water Filter

  • Improved taste
  • Removes unpleasant odor
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria, amoebae and parasites
  • Blocks macro sediments like dirt, silt and rust particles
  • Removes heavy metals including iron, lead, mercury and sodium
  • Reduces excessive amount of minerals like calcium, magnesium, fluoride and arsenic
  • Stay hidden providing more space above the counter

Buy Best Under Sink Water filter for your Kitchen

Modern houses mostly have modular kitchens which are built with the facility to provide adequate space for under sink water filters. This also helps maintain the ambience of the modular kitchens as water filters are not quite attractive elements to add to the décor. ApexTM provides the best under sink water filters which can filter up to 1 gallon of water per minute. Get additional free services exclusively when you buy online including free delivery, installation, regular services and 1 year in-box warranty.

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