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APEX EXPRT 4 Stage Ultra Filtration System

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3 Stage Under the Sink System Chlorine, Sediment & Odor Remover

Compare $114.95

3 Stage Under the Sink System With Ph+ Remineralization Filter

Compare $132.95

3 Stage Under the Sink System 10 Stage Filter Lead & Heavy Metal Remover

Compare $149.00

3 Stage Under the Sink System Chlorine Odor & Fluoride Remover

Compare $139.95

Under Counter Water Filter, Water Softener System

Water filter systems usually do not compliment the ambiance of the kitchen. Even though there are many designer styles of over the counter water filter systems available, they still look odd at times. So the innovation of under counter water filter came into place. This one little difference in the placement of the under counter water softener, water filter system changes the whole outlook of the kitchen as well as increases over the counter space for other equipment.

The under counter water filter systems are fixed to the wall or the below the slab of the sink and are not visible to the general audience. The filtration system and process are the same as other water filters.

Why Do You Need An Under counter Water Filter?

Because your house was designed to look the best without tampering with the services that you get every day. The under counter water filters are the best alternatives to the counter water filtration system especially when you build a modern modular kitchen. The plumbing system does not affect the interior look complimenting the overall kitchen interior. Apart from this, under counter water filters work efficiently to provide drinking water directly from the tap. The fully automated system works quickly and you do not have to think anymore about switching the water system on a regular basis. They come with sleek designs to fit in smaller plumbing areas and are easy to install.

How to Find the Best Under Counter Water Filter?

It is important to understand the working capability of water filters, under counter water softener to best suit your water supply requirement including:

  • Water purity index
  • Presence of heavy metals including rust
  • Magnesium, chlorine, fluoride and other harmful chemicals
  • Hardness of water to add the water softener features

Benefits of under counter water purifier, filters

  • Increase the beauty of your kitchen along with spare space
  • Get purified water supply directly from the taps
  • The three stage filtering process eliminates all the contaminants and residues
  • Comes with all the hardware to install the system under the sink

Best Under Counter Water Purifier Filtration System

There is an increasing demand for under counter water filter systems or under counter water softener for household purposes. Apex takes care of all such needs by providing the best under counter water purification system for houses, luxury lounges, restaurants and food outlets.

Under Counter Water Filters
Under counter water filter
Under Counter Water Filter

The APEX 3-Stage Under Counter Drinking Water Filter is the ideal solution and can easily be hidden away underneath your counters to provide you with fresh, clean drinking water right out of the tap. Each filter is put through wet testing and is fully sanitized before it’s shipped to you, ensuring that it will perform reliably and protect your family from toxins and other water-borne impurities. Made from components that complies with NSF/ANSI Standards, this 3 stage water filter system comes with all of the hardware needed for successful installation to save you time and money.

Under Counter Water Filter: Rated 5.0/5 (based on 25 reviews) | Best under counter water filter starting from $129.95

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