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APEX WS-2050 Metered Water Softener – 48,000 Grain

Compare $4,215.00

APEX WS-2040 Metered Water Softener – 40,000 Grain

Compare $3,829.00

APEX WS-1060 Metered Water Softener – 64,000 Grain

Compare $2,748.35

APEX WS-1050 Metered Water Softener – 48,000 Grain

Compare $2,638.35

APEX WS-1040 Metered Water Softener – 40,000 Grain

Compare $2,528.35

APEX WS-1030 Metered Water Softener – 32,000 Grain

Compare $2,079.92

APEX WS-1020 Metered Water Softener – 24,000 Grain

Compare $1,578.62

APEX WS-1110 Metered Water Softener – 300,000 Grain

Compare $6,003.00

APEX WS-1010 Metered Water Softener – 15,000 Grain

Compare $1,515.07

Water Softener System for House

Water is essential for life. But the one thing that we use in our daily lives often leaves a dry spot later. That is the Calcium and magnesium that water picks up from the ground. These chemicals harden the water and do not let it flow easily through the plumbing system. For making water fit for usage, Apex provides the best water softener system for households to get clean and safe every day without any hassle.

How Apex Water Softener System Works

Almost all water softener systems work on the principle. There is a main tank which contains minerals and the other tank which collects the hard water. The heart of the main tank is filled with Zeolites or raisins of minerals. Ion exchange occurs in the main tank which exchanges Calcium and magnesium with Sodium or other minerals that are suitable for drinking as well as work as softeners.

Why Do You Need Water Softener?

Water softeners serve multiple purposes than just filtering water for household use. They help in retaining the original color of the utensils and the sink. The water softener system for house attached to the main supply prevents the sink and pipelines in the household from rusting or developing layers of unwanted contaminants

Benefits of Installing Water Softener Filter system

  • Reduce mineral scale build up on sinks, faucets, shower doors and other plumbing fixtures
  • Keeps the bathroom and washroom walls clean and odor free
  • Helps in preventing flush clogging and provides smoother flow of water through the pipelines
  • Reduces unsightly white spots on kitchenware and glassware
  • Eliminates soap build up on utensils and your skin too
  • Enhances soap performance by helping develop better lather easily
  • The most advanced water softener filter systems have an automatic regenerating system
  • Available in multiple grain per gallon ranges to work with normal to extremely hard water sources
  • Compatible with water bypass systems to convert usable soft water directly into drinking water

Buy Best Water Softener Filter System for Home

One of the best water softener filter systems consists of automatic regeneration chambers for recharge. Apex provides extensive and fastest recharge cells to get each batch quicker. It is nowadays quite useful to install a hard water softener system for house especially when the source of water is from the ground. Water softeners are not like other water filter systems. They are easier to install and require lower maintenance with cartridge performance lasting up to 12 months.

Water Softener system for house : Rated 4.9/5 (based on 12 reviews) | Water softener starting from $1341

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