APEX MR-3030 Whole House Water Filter System

The APEX MR-3030 is a large-capacity professional-grade filtration system suitable for homes, apartment complexes, restaurants and business offices. The MR-3030 uses three stages of water filtration using advanced high-capacity filter cartridges.

The purification process starts with a 5-micron sediment filter that removes tiny particles like rust, silt and insect parts. This protects your family and prevents coffee makers, ice machines and dish washers from clogging. Next, the water flows through a 20-inch multi-stage adsorption cartridge containing granular activated carbon blended with KDF catalytic media. This unique cartridge removes hundreds of contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from leaking fuel tanks, industrial chemicals, lead, mercury and benzene. Unlike other budget filter systems, the MR-3030 even inhibits bacterial contamination of the filter cartridges.

The final stage polishes the water with a 20-inch pressed activated carbon block filter. The 5-micron compressed carbon block removes taste and odor-causing chemicals like chlorine, chloramine and rotten-egg odors and carcinogenic disinfection byproducts (trihalomethanes).

The Whole house water filtration system is the ideal commercial water purification system for restaurants, coffee shops, dental offices and any other application where taste and odor-free water is necessary. The MR-3030 also protects valuable water-using equipment that is sensitive to clogging by sediments and rust.

The large-capacity 20-inch cartridges insure a long service life and continuous availability of purified water during high-demand periods. This industrial grade filtration system is also perfectly “at home” in your home. The MR-3030 will protect your entire family from heavy metals, pesticides and groundwater contamination while providing taste and odor-free water for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing.

APEX MR-7011 Shower Filter

It’s hard to feel clean when you’re bathing in water that smells or tastes like chlorine, is discolored or otherwise is laden with impurities. Fortunately, you can improve the quality of what flows from the shower head in any bathroom with ease with the help of the APEX Shower Filter. Universally designed to fit all standard shower heads and arms, this filter is capable of removing up to 99 percent of all chlorine and fine particulates from water before it leaves the shower head. Recommended for individuals with sensitive or dry skin or scalps, the filter does not require any modifications to your plumbing for installation.

APEX Reverse Osmosis Technology

APEX Reverse Osmosis Systems remove more than just chlorine taste and odor from drinking water. Each of the five stages of water filtration performs a unique purification function, delivering pure, safe drinking water for the entire family. This powerful reverse osmosis system starts the purification process by removing tiny particles like rust, sediment and insect parts. This protects your family and prevents the filtration systems from clogging. Next, the water flows through two activated carbon block cartridges. These compressed carbon block filters remove taste and odor-causing chemicals like chlorine, chloramine and rotten-egg odors. But that’s not all. Did you know that the chlorine disinfection process can create cancer-causing byproducts in the water? The good news is these carcinogens, called THMs, are removed by the carbon filters.

The carbon cartridges also remove organic contaminants like herbicides, insecticides and industrial chemicals that seep into groundwater. The next step involves the reverse osmosis (RO) process. Here water is “squeezed” through a special membrane. Heavy metals, like lead and mercury, are removed while purified water passes through. The RO process also removes salts, fluoride, radon and benzene. The purified then flows through a post-filter containing granular activated carbon. This acts as a polishing filter, removing any traces of tastes, odors and gasses, for crystal clear, sparkling drinking water.

Immediate benefits of an APEX reverse osmosis filter

In addition to protecting you and your family’s health from heavy metals and chemical contamination you’ll notice these immediate benefits:

  • No musty odors
  • No chlorine smells
  • Water tastes clean and refreshing
  • Fill your own water bottles for pennies
  • Health and sports drinks dissolve quickly and taste better
  • Clear ice cubes
  • Coffee and tea tastes better
  • Prepared foods will taste better (FineCooking.com)
  • No more struggling with heavy jugs or cases of water bottles
  • Coffee makers last longer (no damage cause by mineral scale)

Here’s what our loyal customers say !!!

APEX Water Filters

The only solution for drinking tap water is to filter it first. This might sound like an inconvenient step, but it is really not that bad at all. These filters will help remove all impurities from your tap water while lowering its acidity. It even provides minerals that the body does not produce on its own like potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. By integrating some kind of filtering system into your water consumption, you will save your health and possibly your life.

APEX B1-20,000 Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The APEX B1 series commercial-grade reverse osmosis water purification system is suitable for food preparation operations like bakeries, coffee shops, breweries and restaurants as well as healthcare facilities and laboratories. The reverse osmosis system provides particle-free, mineral free mist water for supermarket produce displays, greenhouses and botanical gardens.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Have you ever thought about the pH level of your water? If not, it’s okay – most people haven’t! You should know, however, that most of the water which we get from natural sources is more acidic than what is ideal for the human body. This is where alkaline water comes into the picture! Many health experts are now touting alkaline water as a simple, cost-effective way to boost your health.

Replaceing APEX Countertop Cartridges

APEX countertop filtration systems will provide a family of four with 750 gallons of purified water. We recommend changing the filter every six months. Timely filter changes ensure your drinking water is always safe and taste and odor-free. Never use the cartridge longer than recommended as it could allow contaminants to enter your drinking water.

APEX MR-C SERIES Commercial Reverse Osmosis Filters

Commercial-grade reverse osmosis water filtration systems for breweries, laboratories, hydroponic farms, restaurants and food preparation operations.


Turn Your Tap Water into Healthy Purified Drinking Water with Apex Water Filters.

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