Apex Water Filters- Best Hard Water Solution
27 Aug

It is a well known fact that the kind of water comes in contact of your body alters the overall health of it too. But to know for sure that water is the culprit of the alteration occurring to your body, one can see some of the immediate and clear signs like the ones below:

Hard Water Health Problems


Your hair is the first thing that gets affected by hard water. In just a few showers, the hair gets frisky and shabby leading to difficulty in even combing it with the thick gap comb. Apart from this split ends start getting spread across the hairline. Dandruff is another side effect of using hard water as the scalp reacts to the minerals present in hard water that are not suitable.


Hard water sucks the moisture of your body and skin. Bathing or coming in contact of hard water on a regular basis can cause severe dryness and rashes that may lead to infections. The excessive layering of minerals on the surface of the skin can cause white spots.

Inner Organs

Even though the most of the minerals present in hard water i.e. Magnesium and Calcium are already present in the body and do not create any negative effect on it, the excessive deposition of such can cause severe problems like overloading of any specific mineral leading to hormonal imbalance. Hard water also deposits rustic iron into the body, hair and the inner organs which causes discoloration of blood.

How To Take Out Hard Water Minerals From Skin and Hair?

Hard water can cause prolonging stains on skin and especially on hair. You can remove this buildup of minerals by mixing baking soda with a handful of shampoo and rub it through the hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash your hair with Luke warm water as it enhances the rinsing process.

For skin spots and mineral buildup removal, make a strong mix of lemon and water and apply it on skin for 1-15 minutes till it dries out. Then wash the layer off. The layer takes all the mineral buildup along with it and cleanses the skin. Vinegar can also be used as an alternative solution to the lemon mixture and the combination of both is also useful in removing the brassy tone out of the skin hair to bring back the natural tone.

How To Prevent Hard Water Problems?

One of the very first things to look at to prevent hard water from coming into your personal space is by changing the source. This unfortunately is not an option for many urban residents and other users to go for an alternative solution. So, it is important to start finding the solutions to treat the water in order of bringing it to consumable quality.

Start by testing water quality

Test Water Quality at home is quite easy using a home kit or self testing methods:

Self test

  • Start by smelling and you can find the smell of bleach easily. The smell of rotten eggs is a sign of sulfur bacteria and hydrogen sulfide gas.
  • Check the color of your water by comparing it to a bottled mineral water using clear glass water containers. Brown or cuddy appearance of water occurs when the pipes of your water system are rusted.
  • Tasting the water can also determine the contamination. Metallic taste can mean rust and presence of other metals in water.

Testing Kit

There are many cheap single use strips available to determine the contamination of your water. The strips come along with the water quality index to help you understand accurately the level of contamination. Simply dip the strips into the water sample and wait for 3-5 minutes to see the color change and analyze the water contamination and hardness level.

In case of testing the hardness of water, you can refer to the water hardness scale table as per the government standards:

Water Hardness Scale
Less than 1 Less than 1 Soft
1 – 3.5 17.1 – 60 Slightly Hard Water
3.5 – 7 60 – 120 Moderately Hard Water
             7 – 10 120 – 180 Hard Water
Over  10 Over  180 Very Hard Water

Obtain water quality report of your neighborhood

All the water suppliers whether government or private are required to provide the water quality report known as Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to the customers. The report comes with the standard scales to compare and analyze the water quality of your neighborhood.

Search For The Right Water Softeners

After checking the water quality and understanding the level of contamination, start finding the right water softener with factors like power, regeneration time, container capability, softening level and energy efficiency.

Water Softener Benefits

  • Reduces mineral scale build-up on sinks, faucets, shower doors and other plumbing fixtures
  • Prolongs the life of water heaters by reducing mineral build-up inside the water tank
  • Prevents mineral scale from clogging shower heads
  • Keeps toilets flushing smoothly by keeping the rim openings free of hard water deposits
  • Reduces unsightly white deposits on silverware and glassware
  • Eliminates soap scum build-up on shower and backsplash tiles, tub surfaces and shower curtains.
  • Greatly reduces scrubbing and cleaning of bathtubs and shower stalls
  • Makes hair silky smooth, eliminates frizzy hair problems
  • Restores the rich lathering of body soaps, shampoos and personal care products
  • High flow for residential/commercial softening applications
  • Reliable optical electronics eliminates micro switch positioning problems
APEX Water Softeners Solve Hard Water Problems and Save You Money too!

Apex Water softener- Best Hard Water Solution

APEX water softeners are whole home water treatment devices that remove calcium and magnesium from the incoming water supply. It uses tiny ion-exchange resin beads that capture calcium and magnesium minerals. The resin beads are automatically cleaned and regenerated with water softener salt. This removes the minerals from the resin beads and flushes them down the drain. All this happens automatically by the electronic control valve which monitors and regulates the activity of the water softener.

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