06 Feb

Whole house water filter systems are one of the most popular filters among the American residents. They are wholesome, efficient and provide multiple benefits for the complete house related to any water requirement. But one of the best whole house water filters also has the quality of being more environment friendly than other water filters. Apex water filters provides some of best whole house water filter systems fit for every American household.
But before buying any water filter, you should go through a thorough analysis of the following things:

Water Requirement

Every individual has different type, size and frequency of water usage. A whole house filter is built to meet all and any water purpose but analyzing your requirement will help you find the right of the filter system. Find out what purpose the filtration may serve for your needs. If you want to get pure water up, you need the water filter with most possible layers and UV radiation contamination remover added to it. However, if the filtration is for washing clothes or cleaning purpose, then a normal whole house water filter system with fewer membranes is sufficient.

Amount Of Usage

Another important factor to consider is the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. A water filter should be bought primarily considering the usage amount and frequency. Whole house water filters are usually connected to the Point Of Entry of the house and supply water to all faucets and outlets. To perform the test, you can note the amount of water in your storage tank in the morning and then compare it with the amount left in evening before refilling.


The level of purity varies largely in every state of America. Taking the Flint water crisis in account, one can be sure that the public water supply coming to their residence is not completely pure to the least. Even whole house water filters are designed to a specific category of contamination to provide optimum results to purify that particular segment of impurity. If your water supply is private like wells, pond, or bore, you can perform a water purity index test at home using easy to use tools or call a plumber for the job. If you get your water from a public supply line, you can get the water purity index report from your local supply office.

Top 5 Whole House Water Filters

After thorough analysis and reviewing different models of Apex water filters, here are the top 5 water filters which you can buy for your home.

5. APEX MR-3020 Big Blue Water Filtration System with Activated Alumina

This whole house water filter is one of the cheapest in the complete market making it one of the most preferred one among the nuclear American families. With small size yet a powerful system of filtration it provides up to 10 gallons of clean drinking water every hour. It can take feed temperature variation of up to 40 degrees allowing optimum performance in all seasons. The granular activated carbon and activated alumina provides a simple, yet highly effective solution to supply your entire home with fresh, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning.

4. APEX MR-3030 Big Blue Water Filtration System with GAC & KDF 85

This one is considered to be one of the most lasting water filters without the need of servicing. It has large capacity 20 inch cartridges which ensure long-term performances in the most adverse conditions. The GAC filtration media provides all the features that the MR-3020 provides. Additionally, KDF 85 provides filtration from chlorine, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from leaking fuel tanks, industrial chemicals, lead, mercury and benzene. It is also efficient in removing bacterial contamination, odors and tastes with the compound 20-inch carbon block present within the membranes. With all these features combined with the long lasting durability make it the best buy in this budget.

3. APEX WH-2010 Whole Home Iron Removal Filter System

The whole home iron removal system is specifically designed for people living in the industrial areas or around banks of chemical dump water bodies. It is slightly costlier than normal water filter but provides additional and complete elimination of iron and other harmful metals like manganese, zinc, copper, arsenic and lead from water. The micro membrane also removes radium, uranium and other radio-nuclides. This water filter also comes with reliable optical electronics to eliminate micro switch problems during heavy duty use.

2. APEX WH-4020 Whole Home fluoride Removal Filter System

Fluoride is a rapidly increasing issue in American waters. In recent years, the amount of fluoride in water is consistently above the danger limit which is a drastic concern for our health. The WH-2010 version is specially designed to make drinking water completely fluoride free which essentially remove any form of Fluoride and reduce health issues related to it. It can also be added to any other existent water filter system without altering the water pressure or flow rate up to 5 GPM. The cost of this filter is high and it is also quite energy consuming but with a pre-filter used to eliminate other contaminants makes the working easier and faster.

1. APEX WH-5020 Whole House Calcium Carbonate Filter System

The best of all whole house water filters with all features built in ready to use. This water filter provides complete protection from all contaminants up to 96% ranging from corrosive water pipes to micro radio-nuclides. The calcium carbonate media is quite expensive to be added to any other filter but comes ready in this version for use at no extra cost. The layers of filtration are less due to calcium carbon filter’s efficiency resulting in less alteration of flow rate and highly fast water output. It also comes with battery back up to prevent water issues during power outages ensuring emergency usability in rural areas. It has inbuilt large capacity tank and can be connected with other water filters too.
Each whole house water filter system is fit for its individual purpose and is quite cost efficient in long-term. Buy the right water filter based on your personal requirement and after thorough analysis of all the water filters available in the market in the aspects of cost, energy consumption and power flow rate.

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