25 Feb

Benefits of Using a Shower Water Filter

Did you know that Chlorine exposure from showering is greater than the total exposure from drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered tap water each day? Chlorine is a toxic element used to chemically disinfect water. However, it strips protein from skin, and hair, leaving it dry and itchy. Filtering out Chlorine from your shower water can provide you and your family with many benefits.

Avoid dry skin and hair, reduce flaking scalp, and irritated eyes.

Do you have dry flakey skin, and hair that feels like straw? Chlorine might be to blame. Filtering the chlorine from your shower water can greatly improve the condition of your skin and hair. Plus, it can improve scalp conditions such as dandruff and a flakey scalp. You would be amazed at the difference installing a shower filter can make, giving you healthier, softer skin and hair.

Control bacteria, bathroom mold, and mildew.

Do you have mildew and mold creeping up in the corners of your bathroom? Nobody wants that musky bacterial scent in their bathroom. A shower filter can control bacteria, mold and mildew to prevent this from occurring – keeping your bathroom looking and smelling fresh as a daisy.

Shower filters are easy to install yourself. There is no plumbing required, so no need to call the handy man. Plus, a good shower filter will fit any modern shower arms and shower head designs. So what are you waiting for? Grab a shower filter today and enjoy the benefits!


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