25 Feb

RO Filters Cartridge & Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Replacement

No matter what kind of water filter you have, if it uses filter cartridges and/or a membrane it will need to be replaced on a regular basis. The water filter cartridges in an APEX filter system are responsible for removing impurities in your water supply. Its where all the filtration processes take place.

Why Do I Need to Replace the RO Filters Cartridges?

Depending on the type of RO filters cartridge, it will become used up, clogged or ineffective over time. If you don’t change the cartridges a lot can go wrong!

Sediment pre-filters are designed to capture tiny suspended particles that would otherwise clog your faucet aerator, refrigerator, ice maker, dish washer, washing machine or get into your drinking water. Nobody wants to drink sand, grit or

insect parts! Over time and depending on what “stuff” is in your water, the sediment pre-filter will get clogged with debris. That’s its job – to trap dirt. As it gets clogged the water flow rate will slow down. That’s why it is important to change the prefilter regularly. It protects you, your filter system and appliances from suspended debris.

Activated carbon cartridges eliminate chlorine disinfectants and adsorb organic pollutants like VOCs, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and carcinogenic chemicals. These substances are absorbed into the activated carbon’s internal pore network. When these pores get filled up with pollutants they cease to remove harmful substances and allow them to pass into your drinking water.

Solid block activated carbon cartridges remove chemicals but can also trap suspended particles and need to be replaced to maintain their higher performance features. The same goes for specialty cartridges containing blends of carbon and KDF catalytic media.

Reverse osmosis membranes are constructed of a high-tech semi-permeable membrane that is would tightly around a central core. An RO membrane performs a physical separation of minerals, salts, metals and other pollutants from tap water. This operation works under high pressure and eventually takes a toll on the membrane. Over time the membrane wears out. If not replaced the RO membrane will allow undesirable substances to pass through and enter your drinking water.

Shower head filters have a replaceable filter cartridge inside the housing. It’s easy to forget this filter needs to be replaced just like a drinking water filtration system. Like other filter cartridges, if you don’t change it you’ll be bathing in chlorine and other harmful contaminants.

Alkaline cartridges condition and release beneficial minerals into your drinking water. Over time the water-conditioning media loses potency and needs to be replaced if you want to enjoy the invigorating health benefits of alkaline water.

Sediment pre-filters

Sand, grit, insect parts

Activated carbon cartridges

Chlorine disinfectants and organic pollutants like VOCs, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and carcinogenic chemicals

Reverse osmosis membranes

Minerals, salts, metals and other pollutants

Shower head filters

chlorine and other harmful contaminants

How Often Should the Cartridges be Replaced?

The frequency of cartridge replacement depends on the type of filtration system you have and the nature of your water supply. Each APEX water filtration system has a suggested cartridge replacement schedule. If over time you find that your sediment pre-filter gets clogged very three months, that will become your change-out schedule based on your water conditions. If you notice that your water starts to taste bad after a few months you know it is time to replace the cartridges. If you’re waiting to notice a bad taste or odor you are waiting too long.

Fact is you are just drinking contaminated water until it gets so bad that it stinks or overwhelms your taste buds. If it takes three months to notice something is wrong, you should change the cartridge every two months. Another potential problem with neglecting cartridge replacement is bacteria contamination. When used too long, filter cartridges can begin to grow bacteria which are released into your drinking water. The bottom line is neglecting to change your filter cartridges puts you nd your family at risk. If you have a commercial application like a restaurant or coffee shop, your customers deserve the best. They’ll notice a decline in quality if your water filtration system fails to work properly due to neglect. You could end up losing valuable business and hurt your reputation. Here are some of the problems caused by not changing filter cartridges and RO membranes in a timely manner:

Noticeable chlorine odors
X Water will taste bad -metallic, chlorine, musty, rotten egg
X Hard water minerals damage heating elements in appliances and water heaters
X Clogged filter screens in dish washers, ice makers, refrigerators and washing machines
X Blue staining in sinks and toilets
X Rust stains on clothing
X Low water output from the filter system
X Heavy metal in your drinking water
X PCBs, benzene and solvents in the water

Chlorine odors,Bad metallic, rotten egg

Damage heating elements

Clogged filter

Blue staining

Rust stains

Low water output

Heavy metal

PCBs,benzene and solvents

Countertop Media Water Filters

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Under Sink Water Filters

Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

EZ-Whole House Filters

Big Blue Whole House Filters

Whole Home Filter Systems

Media: Typically, 3-5 years depending on water quality and usage. Contact APEX for replacement media.

Water Softeners

Resin: Typically, 3-5 years depending on water quality and usage. Contact APEX for replacement media.
Salt: Salt should be three to four inches above the water level in the brine tank. Check every 30 days.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Filters

Commercial Water Filters

Neglecting to change filter cartridges can also cause your filtration system to fail and void the warranty. Protecting your health and investment in an APEX water purification system is of utmost importance. If you are uncertain about when to change your APEX filter cartridges or what kind you need, please contact one of our friendly water filtration experts. They will be happy to help you and answer your filter cartridge questions.

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