24 Feb

Keeping an Aquarium is

Eaiser with Reverse Osmosis

Anyone who has kept an aquarium knows how important water quality is for keeping the fish, plants and invertebrates healthy. But did you know that the tap water you add to your aquarium determines whether your aquatic life thrives or struggles? Freshwater and marine fish, aquatic plants, reef organisms like corals and other invertebrates depend on good water quality to survive. If contaminated or poor quality water is used in the aquarium it will cause many problems including:

  • Uncontrolled algae growth
  • Constant cleaning of aquarium glass
  • Poor fish health with short lifespan
  • Corals mysteriously die
  • Aquatic plants turn yellow and die
  • Extreme pH levels

The problem with tap water

Municipal and well water supplies contain a variety of minerals and contaminants that make aquarium keeping difficult. The water chemistry characteristics of tap water rarely match what is needed in a freshwater or marine aquarium. The elevated water hardness and carbonate levels make it nearly impossible to duplicate the soft, acidic waters of Amazonian rivers and streams where many of the most beautiful tropical fish come from. Freshwater tropical fish and aquatic plants simply won’t thrive in hard, alkaline water. Marine and reef aquariums

demand the purest of water to make artificial seawater. Traces ofheavy metals like copper will cause toxicity problems with delicate fish and corals. Inorganic nitrate and phosphate contamination causes ongoing algae problems in every aquarium. Some municipal water supplies contain phosphate-based anti-corrosion chemicals that can also stimulate algae growth. Chlorine and chloramine are highly toxic disinfectants that will kill fish and invertebrates. Even well water can contain heavy metals and contamination from leaking underground fuel tanks, agricultural pesticides and fertilizer run-off. Aquarium water conditioning products cannot adequately detoxify all water contamination and are not the answer to poor-quality water.

APEX reverse osmosis systems make tap water aquarium-safe!

APEX has designed a line reverse osmosis filtration systems for aquarium hobbyists and professionals

Figure 1.1 APEX AQ-4020 Aquarium Water Filter

The AQ-4020 is a basic reverse osmosis system suitable for smaller freshwater, marine and reef aquariums. The filter simply screws onto your existing faucet. Nothing could be easier! The small size makes it perfect for making a bucket of purified water for your aquarium. When you’re done, just disconnect the unit from the faucet and store it away. For greater filtration capability and even purer water the APEX-4040 is recommended.

Figure 1.2 APEX AQ-4020 Aquarium Water Filter

This 4-stage filtration system removes sediment, chlorine disinfectants, organic compounds like VOCs and pesticides, phosphates, nitrates, minerals and salts. The deionization cartridge polishes the water to a level of purity unachievable with no-name budget RO systems. If you’ve got a large reef aquarium or have a room full of aquariums, you’ll want to look at the APEX AQ-4050.

Figure 1.3 APEX AQ-4050 Aquarium Water Filter

Designed for the serious aquarist or commercial breeder, the AQ-4050 provides the most dvanced water purification features available in a turn-key filtration system suitable for well and municipal water supplies. The AQ-4050 is a 5-stage RO filtration system that removes sediments, chlorine, chloramine and organic contaminants. The TFC RO membrane eliminates algae-promoting silicate, phosphate and nitrate, minerals, salts and heavy metals. Two mixed-bed deionization cartridges scavenge any trace of contamination that slips past the reverse osmosis membrane. But there’s more! APEX added a booster pump to ensure maximum water output even with low-pressure water supplies including wells and rural locations. A glycerin-filled pressure gauge and digital TDS measurement allow you at-a-glance monitoring of the filter system’s performance. The AQ-4050 produces 100 gallons per day at a 1:1 ratio!

An APEX reverse osmosis system pays for itself!

Poor quality water costs more than you think. How valuable is your time? You love your aquarium but do you want to spend your free time cleaning the glass and scraping algae? Maybe you’re buying purified water or hauling it from another location. All this takes time and money. Having purified water on-hand makes taking care of your aquarium easier by improving water quality and reducing maintenance. With an APEX reverse osmosis system, you’ll have the finest quality water at your fingertips! In the long run your fish, plants and invertebrates will live longer and reproduce in your tank! You can even use the purified water for drinking, coffee, tea and cooking. Take a look at the APEX Aquarium reverse osmosis filtration systems page. You’ll find a water purification system for any budget and aquarium application.

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