24 Feb

Six Benefits of Using an Aquarium Filter

When you’re putting together your first aquarium, you have a lot in which you need to invest. It’s natural that you want to avoid any unnecessary expenses when you first start out, but a filter is not one of the components of your aquarium system that you want to skip. Filters are truly essential to having a simple-to-care for, attractive aquarium full of fish, as they provide many benefits, including:

1  Friendlier to Fish. There’s no getting around it. If you don’t purchase a filter, you’re going to have to clean your fish tank regularly and that will mean having to scoop out your fish and set them aside, so that you can give the tank a good scrub. The frequent shifting in and out of the tank can be very traumatic for your fish pets, making a filter the friendlier option.

2  Less Day-to-Day Maintenance. As mentioned above, fish tanks can get dirty quickly. Even if you have a couple of bottom-feeding fish to help reduce waste, you’ll have to clean often to keep the water clear and the glass free of scum. While a filter will require occasional maintenance, you’ll be able to greatly reduce the amount of work you’ll have to do regularly if you install one in your system.

3  Avoid Overfeeding. One of the biggest mistakes that first-timers make with fish care is overfeeding. Fish aren’t concerned about staying fit and trim. If you put too much food inside of the tank, they’re likely to eat even if they’re full. Chronic overfeeding can result in serious health problems for fish, such as fatty liver disease and digestive disorders. A filter will remove excess food that your fish don’t eat right away, reducing the risk of these problems.

4  Healthier Fish. In addition to protecting your fish from overfeeding, filters greatly reduce the risk of ammonia stress. This condition occurs when the toxins from excrement accumulate inside of the fish’s bodies and can occur rather quickly if waste isn’t removed in a timely manner. If it’s allowed to progress, ammonia stress can develop into ammonia poisoning and be fatal.

5  More Hygienic. Not only is having a filter healthier for your fish, but it’s also healthier for you and your family. You wouldn’t want to live with a bowl of water filled with toxic chemicals, mold and other impurities sitting right on your coffee table, would you? An unfiltered aquarium can be every bit as toxic and germ-ridden as that bowl of water.

6  Greater Appeal. Having a filter will simply make your aquarium more attractive to the eye. The water will be clearer, and the glass will be much cleaner when you have a high quality filter installed in your tank. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant smell of standing water.

The good news is that you don’t have to invest $500 or $1000 to get all of the benefits of a reliable, efficient aquarium filter. APEX Water Filters offers a range of aquarium filters that are a real value for the price, and there are options to suit every aquarium setup and budget.

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