22 Feb

Alkaline Water

Have you ever thought about the pH level of your water? If not, it’s okay – most people haven’t! You should know, however, that most of the water which we get from natural sources is more acidic than what is ideal for the human body. This is where alkaline water comes into the picture! Many health experts are now touting alkaline water as a simple, cost-effective way to boost your health.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water, due mainly to its decreased acidity, has myriad positive effects on the human body. These include:

1) Antioxidant properties – alkaline water counteracts the free radicals that are constantly being released in your body, which slows down the aging process and is instrumental in preventing many diseases. There is even some evidence that this can drastically decrease the odds of getting cancer!

2) Physical appearance benefits – alkaline water helps to keep your body’s pH balance where it was supposed to be. This eliminates the acids that break down your skin and cause breakouts. Because it breaks down certain types of fat cells, it can also help you with weight loss and maintenance!

3) Cleansing – alkaline water assists your body in flushing out residual toxins that we often retain as a result of the modern diet. Alkaline water is more effective at this then regular tap or bottled water. Adequate intake can even flush toxins from your body that may have been present for years! This, in turn, will help you feel better in your daily life.

4) Athletic performance – alkaline water aids the human body in generating the natural lubrication that your joints and muscles require. This can contribute to athletic performance for obvious reasons, as it not only increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your musculoskeletal system, but also acts as a palliative measure for muscle soreness and joint pain. This is not only beneficial to athletes, but also to every day people. There have even been reports that regular ingestion of alkaline water can help with chronic pain, such as from arthritis!

Best Water Filters to get Alkaline Water

There are many companies which sell bottled alkaline water. However, if you are drinking it on a regular basis, it will probably be more cost-effective for you to obtain a filtration system that turns your regular tap water into alkaline water, such as the Advanced Alkaline Mineral Countertop Filter – MR-1050  and APEX MR-6050 Undersink RO Filter

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