benefits of well water filter
19 Sep

Finding good quality water is not an easy task anymore. Many people prefer to churn out from their own source of water rather than rely on the government supply. But using your own water source for drinking raises a concern regarding the purity as well water quality is still questionable regarding daily intake.

Even a clean well smells of bacteria because it is a still water source and the chances of bacteria build up in and around the walls of the well are highly common. The rank smell is not quite the same as sewage water but you cannot stand near the source for more than short period of time.

According to the University of Minnesota clear well water can still contain heavy amounts of bacteria and other contaminants. These bacteria are the main reason for the rotten egg taste and smell in the well water. They are really hard to eliminate too. However, one of the cheapest and fastest solutions to solve this issue is to get a good whole house water filter for all your household needs from bathing, washing clothes, cooking to drinking.

Why is purification necessary for well water?

If water in your well is captured from a private source, it is recommended to use a well water test kit to determine the level of impurity and contaminants of the water. It is important to understand these aspects before the testing because it essentially helps in finding the right water filter for your needs. Performing these tests proves why it is necessary to purify even the cleanest well water.

One of the complete tests is Water check well water test kit which determines up to 83 contaminants that are abundant in well water. After this test, it becomes quite easy to find the right whole house water filter for your well water purification needs. Based on the results customization may also be required to get the best results.

Benefits of Well Water Purification

Well water sources are great natural storage devices for water solutions as many chemicals and micro inorganic contaminants get filtered through the natural method of sand and ground filtration. But, natural storage wells are breeding grounds of multiple microorganisms which may cause serious harm to your health. By installing a whole house water filter for your well water source, you get more than just one benefit as stated below:

Taste and Smell

One of the main reasons for well water to smell bad is due the condition of the water source that the well derives water from. These factors are known as local factors which include the cleanliness, running water/stagnant water, open or closed water source. Water filters with the advanced filtration procedure of granular activated carbon in combination with a chlorinator for the bacteria can essentially clean water and provide odorless water. Carbon neutralizes unpleasant tastes and odors.

In the first few weeks of the well water filters usage, water after purification may come out cloudy in color. But it is only because of the increase of chlorine in water and does not affect the quality of water or taste.

Removal of harmful bacteria, amoebae & parasite

Stagnant water bodies are breeding grounds of multiple microorganisms like bacteria, amoebae or parasite which are harmful for our health and can cause even chronic diseases if in contact for longer periods of time. Bacterial abundance is a greater issue even in clean well water because the moisture itself on the walls of the well attracts them. While many bacteria and amoebae cause a heavy smell, many do not which makes it tough to determine whether the water is contaminated or not.

Luckily, they can be removed completely by using the right whole house water filters. Adding a chlorinator to your water filter enhances the filtration process and helps kill all the microbes and the water filter removes the chlorine to give the best quality water for drinking.

Lead Removal

Lead is a metal contaminant which is present in well water especially in urban wells constructed using concrete or metal walls. Another reason for lead presence in well waters is due to old and rusty pipelines. Lead is a highly harmful contaminant for our health and should be removed from drinking water. The whole house filters come with a lead removal cartridge that essentially removes lead from water assuring safety of drinking water.


Well water becomes hard because of presence of sediments like sand, gravel and iron in it. These sediments can get collected even on the faucets of your household and decrease their lifespan and increase the rate of clogging. Sediments cause many health hazards and should be removed for health reason.

The well water filters come with inbuilt sediment filtration system to remove them completely and protect both your health and faucets. Well water sediment filters are specially designed in multiple layers to first remove the macro sediments like gravel, rocks and larger particles of sand and then the second layer to remove the micro sediments like fine sand and iron.

Water softening

Well water is hard in nature due to presence of heavy metals and sediments. The hard water causes many problems to both health and the condition of the house. Hard water leaves stains on the plates and utensils as it contains high levels of magnesium. The faucet and pipeline lifespan also decreases. Hard water is a major cause for discoloration of clothes. Hard water does not create lather and makes bathing a rather tougher job. So, the water filters which are used to purify well water work much better when an additional water softener is used along with it.

Excess Minerals

As it is known that well water is mostly captured after the supply water flow through natural ground filtration process, the amount of minerals present in water also increases. Well water readily affects the hair and the first indication is frizzy hair and quicker split ends. Whole house water filters remove the excess amount of minerals and provides a balance of minerals that are absorbed by the skin and hair and protects us from minor health hazards.

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